Communications / PR

We begin with strategy. What are your core messages? What differentiates you? Who are your key audiences? What messages resonate with them? What is the best communication method to reach them? Who should be delivering your messages?

Together we will define and map your messages to your audiences and employ the most effective methods to reach them: direct communications, traditional public relations, social media, industry conferences – whatever works.

All channels must be available. There are no sacred cows. I will call BS on you if you cannot support your claims. This is not “feel good” PR. This is not checking the box. This is about effectively telling your story to achieve your desired results, whether increased sales, a higher share price, better employee recruitment & retention or industry leadership. If we need research, we’ll get it.

A word on “media training”

I will train you as needed. Many executives resist “media training” because they feel they will rarely or never interact with the media. From my experience, media training will help you communicate not only with media but also make you more effective with your management team, better relay your message to investors, improve your sales presentations, run better meetings and, yes, naturally, improve media relations.