Why Intersect?

John Lewis, Founder

I am a professional communicator. Full stop.

I have worked for one of the largest conglomerates in the world and a mom & pop publishing company. Venture capital-backed start-ups, public companies, private equity portfolio companies and trade associations.  I have led public relations, marketing, investor relations, alliance development, market research, internal communications and government affairs. I have published thousands of articles and op-eds, produced award-winning videos and launched powerful social media campaigns. I’ve held leadership positions in corporate and non-profit settings and with a partner launched a successful boutique PR, marketing and advertising agency.

I have a unique understanding of how all of these elements intersect.

My career has traversed industries with a focus on health care, biotech, technology, financial services, clinical research and association management. What I have learned is that the same basic principles of effective communication apply.

The truth is, very few organizations understand how to develop and execute a communications strategy that covers all of their constituencies: customers, members, investors, regulators, policymakers, employees, influencers, business partners.

You want the media to report on you more often? Investors to better understand you? Customers to understand what differentiates your products and services? More followers on social media? Members to understand the value of belonging to your organization? Employees to be more engaged?

Don’t hire me because I can help you with one of these problems; hire me because I can help you with all of them.  How they intersect.

Many organizations think effective communications is about formulating your three key talking points and repeating them to everyone. Well, at least you’ve developed three talking points. But this is an unsophisticated view of communications in today’s hyper-segmented environment. Your communications must be consistent but they need not be the same. To be effective and to stand out you must understand the different needs, preferences and motivations of your various audiences and tailor your messaging to them.

Sound complicated? It’s not. In fact, my mantra is: simplify, simplify, simplify. Simplify your messages, simplify your delivery and simply execute.

This is what I do.

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