Venture PR

What is “Venture PR?”

Many start-up companies want and know they need public relations services but their budget does not allow for the expense. They are focused on developing their products and services and meeting investor expectations. Public relations is an easy budget line item to cut to manage cash. This is often the case for technology or biotech companies.

But this does not need to be the case. I have a solution I call “Venture PR.” I don’t know if I invented this term but the concept is rather simple. If you are a start-up and you need PR services – or maybe some help with investor relations, marketing strategy, social media, or presentation skills – we should talk. If I believe in your concept we may be able to structure a mutually beneficial services-for-equity arrangement.

Likewise, if you are a venture capital or private equity firm and you have portfolio companies that need help, I can be flexible in my fee structure. Perhaps you would like a communications audit or a strategy consult.

How can I help?

I love working with start-ups, helping them refine their strategy and telling their story. Contributing to their success. This is not about “free advice”; this is about my willingness to share some upside risk with you while providing some necessary services.

Let’s talk.

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