Thinking Differently About Technology

Today, when we discuss technology, the hot topics are most often artificial intelligence, blockchain or the cloud.

But I want to talk about the technology in the humble BAND-AID®. Yes, you read that right.

Quick story. Recently I visited my dermatologist to have a small growth removed from my nose. (It was benign so all good). Afterwards I needed BAND-AIDs so I went to the nearby CVS to pick up a pack. As with most consumer products now, we have many choices in adhesive bandages!

I am momentarily stunned as I am examining a box of BAND-AIDs and read “Inside every SHEER STRIPS bandage you’ll find these unique technologies.”

Let that sink in. “Unique technologies.” In BAND-AIDs.

What are these technologies, you might ask? Unique QUILT-AID™ PAD. COMFORT-FLEX® TECHNOLOGY. HURT-FREE® PAD. Note the focus on trademarks!

BAND-AIDs are a product of Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest health care products companies in the world with annual revenue in excess of $80 billion. J&J is into pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer health care. They produce sophisticated surgical technologies, artificial joints and develop immunotherapies.  Really cutting-edge stuff running the gamut of health care.

Yet, they still take pride in the technologies involved with the BAND-AID.

The Value in Technology

The message here is that if a company as large, complex and innovative as J&J recognizes the benefit of talking about the technology behind this simple product, you too can find unique value within your company. You just need to look for it and unlock the value through your messaging.

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