Media Training

Importance of Media Training

I’ve dealt with many executives who avoid media training when it is suggested to them. They often feel they don’t need it – which is rarely the case – or believe they will not engage often enough with the press to justify it.

Part of the problem may be that media training is often proposed situationally, like with a new product introduction or an acquisition or funding event.

But I wish I could take “media” out of media training. What media training really provides is a disciplined, logical, efficient, effective means to communicate. Sure, you will use these tactics to engage more successfully with the press.

What you can Gain from Media Training

But the skills you will acquire, if you practice, will help you immeasurably in your day-to-day business communications. You will make a clearer case with your investors and analysts. You will become a more persuasive salesperson when dealing with customers. You will become a more effective executive, especially when leading meetings and interacting with your team and employees. For all of these interactions, you will have developed a more succinct and responsive approach to questions.

So the next time someone suggests media training, you should say, “BRING IT ON!”

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