The Neverending Campaign

I see many marketing and communications position descriptions that seek “campaign” experience. What does that mean?

Defining “Campaign Experience”

Well, we may have a campaign to introduce a new product or service offering. We may have a campaign to introduce a new brand, like after a merger. We have issues campaigns designed to educate about policy choices. And, of course, we have political campaigns.

Here’s the thing. Communicating about your organization, positioning your company with customers, investors, partners and employees is a neverending campaign.

Sure, we can have discrete campaigns within a broader exercise, like a new product launch. But really you should be borrowing the strategy of our current political culture, that of the neverending campaign. You are campaigning all day, every day for your business, your organization, your cause.

You need a communications partner who understands this. You need Intersect Strategies.

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